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We are those crazy people who want to live in tiny homes. We bought a 1999 Damon Intruder and we're currently renovating and making it a home inside. You can follow along here or on Instagram @this_little_adventure

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Good vibes only

 I've decided to only focus on the good today. I've swept up all of the dog hair, dirt and grass that litters our floors on a daily basis. I've sprayed every fabric surface with my lavender water, and M83 is playing softly from the iMac. The urge to clean is strong, and I have to constantly remind myself that the clutter I see is only temporary - mostly tools that are strewn about for halted projects. We've made great progress with the loft bed; we only have the other half of slats to lay, some wires to hook up and tuck away, and the front wood planks to put on. We have a kitchen faucet that is 90% installed, and we have a bathroom door that will close 90% of the way! I literally think that is all that is all we have left. I am going to use this day to zone into editing and gear up for this weekend's shoots. 

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