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Big [little] things are happening.

We are those crazy people who want to live in tiny homes. We bought a 1999 Damon Intruder and we're currently renovating and making it a home inside. You can follow along here or on Instagram @this_little_adventure

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We did quite a lot in this bedroom. We decided that having a king size bed was more important to us than having a closet, so we took out all of the closet doors. The queen size bed that was in here originally had a built-in base which lifted up for storage space underneath. We took all that mess out. Our new bed is an RV king, 72" x 80" and it sits on top of two IKEA Kallax storage units. It is possibly the worlds tallest bed in an RV, but we love it because it gives us 16 storage cubbies underneath, as well as a cozy little nook for our dog. We were worried about him not having a space to go 'hide' in and feel safe in the motorhome, but this little area is perfect for him. 

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